About Us



BSM Chair sustains generating appropriate solutions in the furniture sector via combining its compatible crew, technology with the knowledge, in trust that comes from experience since 1986

BSM Chair, which has one of the most important places among the furniture sector through aiming customer satisfaction, steady and persistent work without compromising on quality and credibility, manufactures 50.000 chairs and 12.500 tables in a month via automatic machines, in the factory settled in 10000 area with additional 2000 stock area.

With the knowledge that labor is as important as material when the product quality is concerned, BSM Chair succeeded on inexpensive manufacturing without compromising on quality through working carefully on each phase of the manufacturing process and most importantly, through the ability of serial manufacturing and advantage of high capacity. As a result, reflects that advantage to its customers.

Likewise accomplishing domestic important projects, BSM Chair carries abroad its business and export chairs and tables to countries like: USA, UAE, Jordan, Switzerland, Libya, Palestine, Angola, Saudi Arabia, England, France, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Kenya, Denmark, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Algeria.

BSM Chair, which has grown for more than 20 years thanks to its customers, is proud to serve its precious customers with its accumulated experience in the furniture sector.